NFL Week 15 & Week 16

Spring and The Prince Review Their Picks

It was a good week for me, 11 out of 16 games. That’s 68.75% for week. Hey..I’m claiming that .75%! I expected Atlanta to phone it in and instead they showed up with both wings working and pecked the Giants into a shut out. But it wasn’t the only shut out for the week. Wholly cow! I know Tampa isn’t great this year, but even if they missed the plane New Orleans, they were close enough to drive there! Oakland shutting out Kansas City wasn’t that surprising so let’s move on.

My Redskins won! Again. Yeah! Sadly the kid’s Philadelphia Eagles didn’t put up much of a fight against the Bengals. But the big game was on Monday night. Twitter was filled with disparaging remarks about how bad the game was, how bad both teams played. Frankly we went to bed. So I missed the ugliness and woke up seeing a “W” next to my Titans! YES!

Week 15
So here’s how the week rounded out for us.

Week 15
THU, DEC 13 Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
Cincinnati at Philadelphia Cincinnati W Philadelphia L 34 – 13
NY Giants at Atlanta NY Giants L NY Giants L 0 – 34
Green Bay at Chicago Chicago L Chicago L 21 – 13
Washington at Cleveland Washington W Washington W 38 – 21
Minnesota at St. Louis Minnesota W Minnesota W 36 – 22
Jacksonville at Miami Miami W Jacksonville L 3 – 24
Denver at Baltimore Baltimore L Denver W 34 – 17
Indianapolis at Houston Houston W Houston W 17 – 29
Tampa Bay at New Orleans New Orleans W Tampa Bay L 0 – 41
Detroit at Arizona Arizona W Detroit L 10 – 38
Carolina at San Diego San Diego L Carolina W 31 – 7
Seattle at Buffalo Seattle W Buffalo L 50 – 17
Pittsburgh at Dallas Dallas W Pittsburgh L 24 – 27 OT
Kansas City at Oakland Oakland W Oakland W 0 – 15
San Francisco at New England New England L New England L 41 – 34
NY Jets at Tennessee Tennessee W Tennessee W 10 – 14

Results: W = 11 / L = 5    of 16
Season: W = 119 / L = 72 / T = 1  of 192
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Results: W = 7 / L = 9    of 16
Season: W = 86 / L = 105 / T = 1  of 192
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Week 16
On to this week. The toss up game for me will be the Saints and Dallas. I think it will be tough for New Orleans going into Dallas, but I still think they can pull off a win. I’m hoping so anyway. As much as I’d love to my Titans overtake the Packers, I don’t think it’s likely. Houston should be able to take Minnesota, especially at home. But the next toss up, NY Giants at Baltimore. Neither team is really playing to their potential this year, but I think the Giants are mentally beaten up, so I’m giving the edge to Baltimore, primarily because they’re at home.

The Prince wasn’t in the mood to make his picks, so we’ll post those later. For now, here’s my picks for the week.
12/22 4:36pm The Prince finally decided to make his picks.

Week 16
SAT, DEC 22 Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
Atlanta at Detroit Atlanta Atlanta
New Orleans at Dallas New Orleans New Orleans
Washington at Philadelphia Washington Philadelphia
Tennessee at Green Bay Green Bay Tennessee
Indianapolis at Kansas City Indianapolis Kansas City
Buffalo at Miami Miami Miami
St. Louis at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Oakland at Carolina Carolina Carolina
New England at Jacksonville New England New England
Minnesota at Houston Houston Minnesota
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh Cincinnati Cincinnati
Chicago at Arizona Chicago Chicago
San Diego at NY Jets NY Jets NY Jets
NY Giants at Baltimore Baltimore NY Giants
Cleveland at Denver Denver Denver
San Francisco at Seattle Seattle Seattle

Post Updated: 12/22 4:36:46pm
Post Updated: 12/23 8:26:47pm – The Prince has changed his pick to Seattle

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