NFL Week 11 – Spring & The Prince Make Their Picks

Well I haven’t been doing very well with my gut feeling picks. And there’s no guarantee this week will be different.

I’m sticking with the statistics on the Miami/Carolina game. Carolina has had some big boost in their confidence with their recent wins. Plus they’re playing at home and I think that gives them the advantage over the Dolphins. The Prince likes dolphins and think they will swim on by the big cats.

I’m going with Pittsburgh for the same reason. Their season and their record on the road is better than what I think Kansas City can play up to. I’m a little surprised the Prince is going with KC; his principal is a huge Steelers fan. But who know, the little voodoo child might know something we don’t.

While Dallas hasn’t been living up to their hype (which they rarely do anyway), I think Jerry is going to make sure they don’t loose at home in his Palace against Washington. I’m fairly sure there are some jobs on line with this game and I think they will pull out the win. The Prince however thinks the Redskins are great and they’ll pull out a surprise victory.

Minnesota / Seattle is another hard pick. I think the Seahawks have the potential for taking the Vikings. But I have to go with the sentimental favorite and pick Farve (The Geriatric Ninja) to pull off a win again with his Vikings. The Prince however thinks they’re tired and the kewl looking Seahawks are gonna win.

He’s picking Oakland over Cincinnati and I’m half tempted to change my pick to match his. But I think I’m going to go with my gut feeling about the stats for the Bengals and cross my fingers that I’m right about this one.

Lastly Tennessee at Houston is the last tough pick. I really want my Titans to win and they just might be able to pull it off. They’re coming off a win and a confidence boost, but I think Houston plays better at home than what their record indicates. So I’m taking a chance on my gut feeling and taking the Texans. The Prince knows Tennessee is one of Momma’s favorite teams (after all I was born there) and he’s decided because of that, they’re going to win. Don’t ya just love that 6 year old mental processing? 

Here are the picks for Week 11

Week 11
Thu Nov 19  Spring’s Picks The Prince’s Picks
MIA @ CAR  Carolina  Miami
Sun, Nov 22
PIT @ KC  Pittsburgh  Kansas City
IND @ BAL  Indianapolis  Indianapolis
SF @ GB  Green Bay  Green Bay
BUF @ JAC  Jacksonville  Jacksonville
ATL @ NYG  Atlanta  Atlanta
NO @ TB  New Orleans  New Orleans
CLE @ DET  Detroit  Detroit
WAS @ DAL  Dallas  Washington
SEA @ MIN  Minnesota  Seattle
ARI @ STL  Arizona  Arizona
NYJ @ NE  New England  New England
SD @ DEN  Denver  Denver
CIN @ OAK  Cincinnati  Oakland
PHI @ CHI  Philadelphia  Philadelphia
Mon, Nov 23
TEN @ HOU  Houston  Tennessee

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