NFL Week 10 – Spring’s Picks

NFL Week 10 – Spring’s Picks

Week 10 is about to get underway with the Thursday night game of Chicago in San Francisco. I’m going with the 49’ers in that game. Wish we could watch it, but since we have Comcast and they suck in our county; we’ll have to rely on for that game.

I have two upset picks this week. The primary one is New England at Indianapolis. I have no real rhyme or reason. I just have a gut feeling this is the week the Colts will fall in their undefeated season. Consequently I think New Orleans will continue their streak and remain undefeated.

The second upset pick is Carolina over Atlanta. These two have a history of a great rivalry. Carolina has looked pretty good in the past 2 weeks. I think they finally woke up and decided their supposed to play football. Since they’re playing in Charlotte (SirEvil’s hometown), I just have a feeling they’ll pull off a win. If they do, it will certainly be an upset for the week.

I haven’t been very lucky in choosing Baltimore. But I’m going with them again this week. Perhaps because they’re the little Prince’s favorite team. He likes the bald eagle and tada he became an Eagles fan. We’ll go with them this week and cross our fingers.

So here’s the picks for week 10.

Week 10
Thu Nov 12  Pick
CHI @ SF  San Francisco
Sun, Nov 15
DET @ MIN  Minnesota
DEN @ WAS  Denver
TB @ MIA  Miami
BUF @ TEN  Buffalo
NO @ STL  New Orleans
JAC @ NYJ  NY Jets
ATL @ CAR  Carolina
CIN @ PIT  Pittsburgh
KC @ OAK  Oakland
DAL @ GB  Dallas
PHI @ SD  Philadelphia
SEA @ ARI  Arizona
NE @ IND  New England
Mon, Nov 16
BAL @ CLE  Baltimore

Byes: Texans, Giants