NFL Week 10 Resutls – 11 Picks

Spring & The Prince Share Their Picks

Wasn’t a bad week last Sunday. While I’m ecstatic that the Saints beat Atlanta, I’m also very surprised. I really thought the Falcons would go a little farther being undefeated. They’re awesome this season, but as I mentioned last week, I think New Orleans found their soul again! I’m very happy about that!

On the other side of that was Dallas winning in Philadelphia. I really expected the Eagles to play a whole lot better at home than they did. They looked sloppy, confused and out of sync. That game was very disappointing.

Then there’s the Rams and 49’ers. How in the world did San Francisco not win that game? And for it to end in a tie was equally surprising. Simply wow.

So here are our results for Week 10.

 Week 10
THU, NOV 8 Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
Indianapolis at Jacksonville Indianapolis W Jacksonville L 27 – 10
NY Giants at Cincinnati NY Giants L NY Giants L 13 – 31
Tennessee at Miami Tennessee W Tennessee W 37 – 3
Detroit at Minnesota Minnesota W Minnesota W 24 – 34
Buffalo at New England New England W New England W 31 – 37
Atlanta at New Orleans Atlanta L Atlanta L 27 – 31
San Diego at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay W Tampa Bay W 24 – 34
Denver at Carolina Denver W Carolina L 36 – 14
Oakland at Baltimore Baltimore W Baltimore W 20 – 55
NY Jets at Seattle Seattle W NY Jets L 7 – 28
Dallas at Philadelphia Philadelphia L Philadelphia L 38 – 23
St. Louis at San Francisco San Francisco T St. Louis T 24 – 24OT
Houston at Chicago Chicago W Chicago W 13 – 6
Kansas City at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh W Pittsburgh W 13 – 16
 First OT Tie since 2008. First tie under the new rules too.  

Results: W =10 / L = 3 / T = 1  of 14
Season: W = 67 / L = 46 / T = 1   of 114
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Results: W = 7 / L = 6 / T = 1   of 14
Season: W = 56 / L = 57 / T = 1  of 114
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Week 11 Picks

This week there promises to be some pretty good match ups. Chicago at San Francisco looks interesting. I’m giving the edge to the 49ers for playing at home. Green Bay and Detroit may be another good match-up. New Orleans is on the road this week in Oakland. But I think the Saints have the edge here and momentum is on their side. So I’m taking New Orleans for that game. The Prince’s Eagles will be playing my Skins this week. The Skins are coming off a week of rest which could be good or bad. We’ll see how that goes. Bottom line is we’re both going for loyalty there.

So here’s our picks for the coming week.

Week 11
THU, NOV 15 Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
Miami at Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Arizona at Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta
Cleveland at Dallas Dallas Dallas
Green Bay at Detroit Green Bay Detroit
Cincinnati at Kansas City Cincinnati Kansas City
NY Jets at St. Louis St. Louis NY Jets
Indianapolis at New England New England New England
Philadelphia at Washington Washington Philadelphia
Tampa Bay at Carolina Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Jacksonville at Houston Houston Jacksonville
New Orleans at Oakland New Orleans New Orleans
San Diego at Denver Denver San Diego
Baltimore at Pittsburgh Baltimore Pittsburgh
Chicago at San Francisco San Francisco Chicago

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