NFL Super Bowl XLIV – Our Picks

Tonight is the Pro Bowl in Florida and the Prince started talking about his pick for the Super Bowl. We talked about the strength of the Colts and their amazing season. But we also talked about the 2 games they threw at the end of the season and how un-sportsman like that was. We talked about New Orleans never being in a Super Bowl before and how a win would give a boost to the heart and soul of that still devastated town.

Because of the thrown games, we don’t think the Colts “deserve” to win the Super Bowl. Both teams have a shot at winning. The Colts have the skill and strength on the field. But the Prince and I think the Saints also have the talent and skill, but they also have more heart and desire for the win. That is an edge that no amount of skill can beat. So we’re both going with the New Orleans Saints to win Super Bowl XLIV!! 

Super Bowl XLIV – Sun Feb 7 – CBS

New Orleans  

 New Orleans
 New Orleans