More Adventures in Stupid

A couple evenings back, we all went out and sat on the porch. Rascal, our Dalmatian puppy was playing on her lead with the Prince down in the yard. Suddenly the Prince is very excited because he’s discovered a frog. A Fowler’s toad to be exact. If you’re living in the south and you’re male, this is the frog you’ve played with a thousand times.

Well, when the Prince discovered it, so did the mutt. And she did what she’s done with voles, mice, birds and even bats. She ran over and bit it. Now I didn’t know this, but it turns out that those toads are poisonous. It was pretty obvious from the reaction of the dog. She spent a minute or so looking like she was trying to spit out her own tongue.


So we ran out there, got her in the house and the Queen washed her mouth out. Then we did some research. Now I’ve seen a smaller dog bite a poison arrow frog in Florida and live. Of course about six hours of that living wasn’t all that pleasant. but he did live. So I wasn’t too worried about a frog I didn’t even realize had poison. Bottom line, as long as she didn’t eat a couple of them whole, she was in no danger.

Now the really bad part is that it was close to the Prince’s birthday and one of the things he got were little glow stick swords. So right after the dog’s first ever psychedelic trip began, we turned off the lights and started waving around glowing colored sticks. After she got done watching the glowing colors, we turned the lights on and she spent some quality time staring at a white wall. I guess that’s the equivalent of standing still on firm ground after riding one of those whirly rides as the fair.


We’re starting a pool on how many more of them she has to bite before she figures out not to bite them. I’ve got three…

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