Men are from Mars and We Really Don’t Know Where Women Are From

We apparently are born that way too.  A couple days ago I witnessed something bizarre and enlightening.  Last year, the Prince was in kindergarten where he met a cute little princess named Abbie.  He clearly really liked her, she was the first person who’s name he could remember after school.  I met the Princess during Daddy Doughnut Day, when I got to sit in on the class during the morning.  The adjectives “firey Irish redhead” just come to you when you meet her.

When it was time to go, the kids all lined up to go to PE, and the Princess and Prince lined up next to each other.  I was watching them and for a moment I thought they were going to kiss, which was freaky enough, but instead they touched noses.  I also noticed that the Prince’s affinity for girls hasn’t faded.  There were several other girls lined up to get close to him as well.

A little later in the school year the Prince decided he didn’t like Abbie, which didn’t mean that he didn’t like her, he just would rather play with the other boys like all boys do.  I suspect this is some sort of instinctive survival method.  The Princess on the other hand still liked him, which was obvious when we had lunch at the school on his birthday.  She pushed another kid down the bench so she could sit beside me and proceed to give me the entire story of the Prince at school as she saw it.

Now, at the beginning of the year, the Prince was apprehensive about going alone to his class.  The ever protective Queen talked to the school counselor and the counselor arranged for a 5th grade girl to walk him to class.  This girl had a sister in kindergarten, Princess Madison we’ll call her, and the adjectives that describe her are “dignified, demure and reserved.”  From the first day, Princess Madison and the Prince held hands as they walked to their classes.  And most every day that year they did.

At the beginning of this year, the Prince and Princess Madison decided that they would walk together still.  Quote the Prince, “No, I can walk by myself, but I like walking with her.”  So off they go hand in hand every day as last year.

A couple of days ago, as the Prince and Princess Madison headed off to class, they passed by Princess Abbie who was on her way to breakfast.  Abbie turns and watches them walk a little ways and then turns back to me and says, “Why are they holding hands??  Do they like each other?”  She had her hands on her hips and looked pretty mad.

I was dumbfounded and had no idea what to say to her, “I don’t know, they do that every day.”

Her eyes narrowed and she looked like she was doing some kind of scary mental calculation as she turned back toward the cafeteria.  I fear for the Prince and his court.


I said enlightening before, but I doubt it.  Interaction with our women is why I’m sure that if we ever meet an alien intelligence we’ll never figure out their language.  Men can’t figure out women’s language within the species…