McCain Just Pushed My Vote To Obama

Gov. Sarah Palin as Vice President. Was it a good choice? What does she bring to the table? Well let’s see –

She is against any type of abortion, including those involving incest and rape. Tell a 14 year old who was raped by her uncle and has become pregnant that the trauma of the rape isn’t all she has to deal with; but the emotional trauma of being forced to carry her rapists baby is now facing her for the next 9 months. From this rape survivor it’s a demand that no person has the right to put on any woman. And it’s even less understandable coming from another woman. My guess is, she has no experience with rape and incest victims, no idea of the emotional trauma one goes through after being raped, and no earthly idea of what one deals with in trying to heal from these devastating events. This alone causes me to seriously question the choice.

She believes creationism should be taught in public schools, damaging the very essence of Separation of Church and State. Do we really want yet another administration who believes they can take down our Constitutional rights for their own agendas? If you think early Americans based our government on Christianity, you need to read President Adams Proclaims America’s Government Is Secular @ Living in a Christian Dictatorship is not what my relatives paid the ultimate price for in defending this country. And once again the short sided far right doesn’t get it. They claim diversity is the strength of the U.S., yet at any turn they try to destroy what makes us strong. There are many more belief systems in this country than those who believe in creationism. Our politicians should be upholding the Constitution not tearing it down. Yet another issue that causes me to seriously question the choice.

She has NO international experience. Trade negotiations over a 2 year period with countries that WANT to do business with Alaska does not give anyone experience in dealing with foreign dictators or American security issues. Just how many terrorists are trying to enter the US through Alaska? Just how many migrants are trying to sneak across the Alaskan border?

The McCain camp believes that just because she’s a woman, he can swing the female voters to his side. Well from this woman – it takes a lot more to get my vote than just whither or not you put on pants vs. a skirt. I want to know if she has the “balls” to stand up to the injustices not only over seas but here at home as well. So far, I don’t think she does. She’s faced many minor scraps in her short term as Governor, but in comparison to the serious and dangerous world events, she’s merely a fluff bunny.

Add to this John McCain, 72 year old candidate with a history of health issues. Is this woman really the right person with the right experience and on the right side of the issues that are important to Americans ready to be president? McCain’s camp continues to slam Obama for lack of experience, but waiting in the wings is Joe Bidden. McCain wants us to believe that line of attack, yet he chooses someone with absolutely no experience what so ever simply because she can appease the far right and women voters?

She was a BAD choice and for this independent who had not yet made up her mind, McCain just pushed my vote to Obama.