Kid Thinking Out of the Balloon

Last night as the family was going to bed we were doing our usual impression of The Waltons, “Good night kid, good night Momma, Good night Daddy…” We heard the one of the cats getting into the toilet paper in the bathroom. I put the kibosh on that and went back to bed. I said, “We need some balloons so we can keep them out of the toilet paper and other various things they should avoid getting into.”

After a minute or so, which I suppose was how long it took the kid’s mind roll this around, the kid said, “That would be cool, if we hung the toilet paper from the balloon then they wouldn’t be able to reach it.”

Suddenly we’re cracking up because I started imagining all kinds of things hanging from helium balloons. I’m guessing the kid still doesn’t know how balloons really work to keep cats out of things.


And I know some of you out there don’t know either. If you put a balloon in front of something you don’t want the cat to bother, when they swipe at it or try to climb it, it explodes. Most cats avoid those places afterwards.

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