I HATE Comcast! Part 3

The Comcast saga continues.

So the tech was supposed to be here between 6 to 9am. We got up at 5:30 to make sure we were up and waiting for the call from the tech that he/she was on their way. And of course they never came.

Here it is 10:20 and the tech just called and said she was on her way. After telling her she was suposed to be here before 9am, she replies “I don’t know why they told you that we don’t even get to the office in Spotsylvania until 9am. But she’s on her way if we still need service.”

…now we’re waiting for her to arrive. I’m hoping it’s the same lady who came on June 17th so I can tell her she was never here on that day…

Well thankfully it was the same lady, Ms. Missy. She’s very competant and doing everything she can to provide support to us. I told her we were told that she never came on the 17th and she immediately grabbed her stack of work orders and found the ticket. She gave it to me so I could make a copy. I told her no report was filed and as far as 1800Comcast was concerned we were no longer having a problem. She looked at the ticket and said it cleary says the matter was refered to her boss Mike.

She did the same thing she did last time and checked our connections. We showed her the difference in signal between going directly to the TV and going through the box. She’s having the office send us out a new analog box to see if that helps the reception.

In the meantime she has suggested writing a letter to the area VP, Ms. Chris Whitaker. Unfortunately finding an email for her is near to impossible. And forget trying to find a phone number for the building. Even Comcast doesn’t seem to know that. All you can find is sales and service. So evidently you’re not allowed to file a complaint. Heaven for bid someone would have a complaint.

So the saga continues.