I HATE Comcast! Part 2

It’s amazing how incompetent these people are. Monday when we were supposed to have a tech come to the house and fix our cable they never showed up. I called Customer Service and was told the tech arrived and no one answered the door. That the tech identified the color of the door to verify he had been to the house.

Now, this is interesting. Seeing as we have 2 Dalmatians that go totally ballistic when someone pulls down our gravel driveway, it’s amazing this guy managed to get to the door AND knock on it for us never to hear it and not set off the dogs. I was so angry at the woman on the phone I hung up on her.

After about 15 minutes of calming down I called back and asked to talk to a supervisor. After 10 minutes on hold I finally got a woman who said the tech said he called the house and the phone number wasn’t our house. Uh..ok..wait..I thought the last story was he came to the door, identified the color of the door and we didn’t answer the door. Now the story is that he called and couldn’t get us on the phone?

After arguing with this bitch for 15 minutes, Comcast refused to send out a tech and rescheduled for Tuesday morning between 6 and 9am. Guess what…they never showed. Surprise surprise. Now the question is…do we call Customer Service AGAIN? Or just find a way to put up a dish over the trees in our front yard?

Since it’s obvious Comcast doesn’t want our business, we’ll find out what Home Depot has to put a dish on our roof and over the trees. I’ll build a damn telephone pole on the house if I have to.