I HATE Comcast! – Continuing Saga

Continuing Comcast Saga

So we have a new neighbor who moved in across the street. Quiet guy for the most part. Until he cut down ALL the tree on his 1+acre lot. All those beautiful trees gone. Not much we can do about it; but it did give me an idea. Perhaps now we can get DirectTV. We’re not cutting down our trees and there hasn’t been a place on our lot that has a line of sight to the satellite. But without the trees across the street, perhaps we can put a dish at the top of our driveway.

All excited I contacted DirectTV and a guy came out to check our availability. He was a new guy, been on the job for about 1 month. Sadly he said we still don’t have a line of sight. I was truly sad and upset. I’m SO sick of Comcast.

I’m sick of being promised digital service and still not having it. We were told that they would be laying down new fiber through our neighborhood in 2005. Here in the middle of 2009, it’s still not available. All I wanna do is watch SpeedTV, F/X and NASA. I don’t care about premium channels. We have NetFlicks, it’s much better. But I do so want to watch our Nascar boys. And I would have loved to see NASA capture the Hubble and replace the camera this week. I love that stuff.

This weekend though is especially irritating. Our boys are in Charlotte competing in the Nascar All-Star race. And where is it being broadcast? SpeedTV. <sigh>  At least thanks to the reporters who use Twitter, I found out about Tony’s mess up in his qualifying pitstop. And his funny comment about messing it up.

Which brings up the next irritating thing about Comcast. I made a comment in the Twitter #Nascar topic that we don’t get SpeedTV and I hate Comcast. Within 2 minutes I get a direct Tweet from Comcast. Huh?! WTF? The tweet asks “Can I Help?”?   Sure, put fiber in my neighborhood. Of course there was no response.

Yesterday during the qualifying for the All-Star race, I’m back on Twitter keeping up the best I can with what’s going on at the track. Folk start talking about Tony and what he said. What?! What did he say?!!! Well of course I don’t know, because we have Comcast! Once again, I make a comment on Twitter that Comcast sucks! And within 2/3 minutes I get a direct tweet by Comcast again. Here’s the basic conversation:

Me: #NASCAR I wish I could watch the race tonight. COMCAST won’t provide SpeedTV to analog customers; and won’t update us to digital. Help?
Fri 15 May 18:14

Me: I truly truly HATE COMCAST!!     (note I didn’t say this in the #Nascar topic)
Fri 15 May 18:14

Comcast: what’s wrong?
Fri 15 May 18:49       
                       (30 minutes later)

Me: Comcast sucks. Next question
Fri 15 May 18:51

Me: We were told we’d have fiber in 2005. It’s 2009; we have no fiber. You wont provide Speed for analog customers. We’re stuck.
Fri 15 May 18:53

Me:  If I didn’t have to cut down my trees to gt Direct TV, Comcast would have been fired years ago
Fri 15 May 18:53

Me: Yeah – I didn’t think you’d have a response. Another reason Comcast sucks!
Fri 15 May 19:10

Comcast: I’m at my little sister’s high school watching her look pretty and making me feel old. I’ll be back in a bit! Promise 🙂
Fri 15 May 19:26

Comcast: back now 🙂 can you DM the phone# we have on file for you?
Fri 15 May 20:24

Yeah – I don’t spend my life on-line or on Twitter. And right, I’m going to give someone my phone number, or some account number online. I don’t think so.

And what is “ComcastB” gonna do for me anyway? She gonna come out here and dig in the fiber? I doubt it. Considering the entire community has complained about this, sent in petitions and raised cane about it with the local government.

So what’s she gonna do? Make the exec’s change their programming and carry these channels I want on basic analog cable? I doubt it. If it were that easy, they would have done that by now. Just what do they think they’re going to accomplish by annoying people on Twitter? Make it “seem” like they’re providing good customer service? Bull shit. I’m being spammed in Twitter by a company I can’t stand to begin with and if I had my choice wouldn’t do business with at all!

To top it off, I get up this morning and find out that “ComcastB” is now following me on Twitter.Uh..I don’t think so! How creepy is that?!