Holiday Etiquette

holiday-napkinI saw a thing on the morning news where they were talking about Holiday Etiquette. To help people out I thought I would give you a short, but instructive quiz on the subject. It’s just one question.

You’re in a mall toy store searching for the must-have toy of the season, The Uber-Marketed-Dolly ™. You just spotted the very last one on Earth, currently at the other end of a long aisle. In front of you to the right and approaching the toy is one soccer mom. On the left, slightly behind and also approaching the toy is soccer mom #2 who is pushing a baby stroller.

Do you:

A. Give up and prepare to tell little Susie about the realities of Christmas?

B. Wait till one of the mom’s picks up the toy and then start a bidding war to buy the toy?

C. Jump in front of soccer mom #2, plant your foot in her stroller and use it like a skate board to rush past soccer mom #1 and grab the toy?

If you answered C, then you lose because I vaulted over your shoulder to plant my foot in the stroller and I’m already at the check out. Next year maybe you’ll have your game on.


Perhaps your failure here is that you didn’t drink enough coffee before shopping. It’s a common mistake.

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