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Help us help others with consultation and counseling services on Skype & iPad’s Face to Face. For those who are shut-ins, out of state and overseas in the military. And receive a nice Perk for your gift in return. Check our many perks on the right of our campaign home page. Will you give a little to help a lot?

Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

If you’ve read other articles here on Evil Wordsmith you may know that I’m a licensed Minister and I hold a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysical Science and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Spiritual Counseling. I counsel individuals, families and women of rape and abuse.

Providing help to those in need is a very rewarding job. But sometimes saying no to someone can tear at your heart and your head.

In the past 6 months we have received an increase in requests from people asking for Skype or iPad face to face communications. Some of these people are shut ins due to health issues, tragedy or trauma from violent crimes. Some simply can’t afford to travel to our location.

We have even received requests from some military personnel stationed overseas who simply want someone to talk to and who holds the same spiritual beliefs as they do. These men and women are fighting for our freedoms, and they didn’t ask you what you believe in before they joined up and put their lives in harms way for you.

We’re looking to fill these requests through Skype and iPad Face to Face communication services. But we need your help to make this a reality! Will you give a little to help a lot?

Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

Getting Into The Campaign

I would love to offer these services through my small business; Spring’s Haven. But I’m limited by technology and a very old laptop that simply doesn’t have the computing power to add-on external equipment to provide these services. By the time I upgrade everything that needs to be upgraded to do that, I might as well shell out for an entirely new laptop. While that would be nice, I don’t really need a bigger computer, I need a better technology.

Score is a company of successful entrepreneurs who volunteer their time and experience to new small businesses. My Score adviser pointed out that a new laptop might limit offerings to both computer and tablet communications. She suggested instead, moving into the tablet market that can do both Skype and iPad Face to Face. Great, but there’s the question of funding. My company doesn’t have additional resources for something like this. Banks are holding on so tight to credit, that even trying to get a small business loan for something like this is extremely difficult.

Score comes through again. She suggested using one of the new online Crowdfunding services. A little research turned up a great article at AmEx; 10 Creative Ways To Get Your Business Funded. In particular their #5 suggestion answered the question:

5. Crowdfunding
A sister method to P2P, you can now get people to invest in “your cause” in exchange for something (other than money). This is a different source of funding since the money is not repaid. The rewards for donors range from receiving your first products to having a product named after them. Popular sites that facilitate crowdfunding include IndieGoGo and Kickstarter. Remember: Crowdfunding is very emotional and its success is based on the appeal of your idea.

Your Gift Comes With A Perk

These services rely on the barter system. By helping a funding campaign you get something in return. Think of it like giving money to your local PBS; “Give $25 or more and get a PBS mug”.

I’ve set up my campaign to offer the same kind of tiered perk system. Now you might have to know me a little to appreciate the return Perks for the gifts. But if you check out my blog Springwolf Reflections, and my company’s website Spring’s Haven, you’ll see I do have a pretty good ethical reputation and I’ve received some very nice testimonials.

Help Us Help Others campaign Perks: 

  • $5 or more – Every little bit counts. Receive a heartfelt thank you email from Springwolf. It may not be much, but it truly is a big deal to my little company.
  • $25 or more – Receive a personal message through the Tarot, provided by Springwolf relating to the current situations in your life via eMail. (Similar to Spring’s daily tarot meditation drawing messages).
  • $50 or more – Receive a personal 3 card spread reading through the Tarot, provided by Springwolf relating to a current situation in your life via eMail. You ask a question, the cards provide the insight.
  • $100 or more – Receive a personal full Past, Present, Future reading (consists of three 3 card spreads) through the Tarot, provided by Springwolf via eMail, Skype or Face to Face. You ask 3 questions, the cards provide the insight. Receive your reading now via eMail or be one of our first clients on our new technology when it becomes available!

So I’ve jumped in with both feet and established my own campaign to upgrade my technology and help those who have asked for help. Check out my Help Us Help Others campaign, Get a special personal reading, or simply donate $1. Every little bit helps. And spread the word to others who might like to help us out. We certainly would appreciate it!

Your contribution can be made securely through PayPal! Learn more @ Help Us Help Others

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