Health Care – Public Option

We can’t afford health care, let’s start with that. Not because we don’t want it, but because we simply can’t afford it after being laid off and not being able to find another job. That’s a whole other discussion.

We are forced to make a lot of sacrifices in the year I’ve been unemployed. We have struggled for some months, squeaked by on others, or been ok. But through all those months one thing we can’t afford is an addition bill for health insurance. There’s just not enough money left over after the mortgage and utilities are paid.

Now we hear from Congress that the current health plan reform will fine us for not having health care. Ok, did someone miss the part where we (like millions of others) can’t afford health care? We can’t afford an additional financial burden, but  you’re going to force us to pay a fine because we’re struggling? Um..where is the thinking there? Hello..Washington are you total idiots?

Now we hear that some congressional members are proposing a Public Option that allows States to ‘opt-out’. Ok, first of all why should the states have the right to opt-out when I don’t? Why should I be fined for something I can’t afford, but states get a bye if they decide they can’t afford it either?

HealthCare isn’t a “right”, it’s a moral obligation of the most profitable and successful country in the world to ensure affordable health care is available to ALL of it’s people.

That’s right – it’s a MORAL OBLIGATION!

Instead politicians spin the rhetoric to scare people into opposing reform for the simple reason that insurance, pharmaceutical and the medical industry in general doesn’t want to lose any of the profits they current rake in. Once more we see where the real loyalty lies with politicians; it’s to their corporate sponsors and lobbyists; NOT with the American People who they are supposed to be representing.

I say shame on you Washington. Shame on all you for claiming a higher moral standings while people are dying at your feet because they couldn’t afford to go to the doctors.

As usual Washington isn’t LISTENING to the American People!