First Time in the Tardis

The TardisI’m a big fan of Doctor Who, ever since the 80’s. I watched every episode that Tom Baker did, I must say I miss K-9. The other night while watching the latest one on BBC America (shut up you Brits out there, no spoilers!), his new companion was asked, “Where do you want to go?”

The Queen paused the TV and put that question to me. Her answer was to go see Saturn’s rings up close. And the Prince had the same idea and to go to Titan. It would be pretty interesting to see a hydrocarbon lake.

Here is my idea. I would like to go to Earth, a thousand or two years in the future. I would like to find out what information that all of us collectively know now that is so wrong that in a thousand years it will be laughable. Consider this: it was a simple fact two thousand years ago that the sky was a bowl shaped cover over the world and that the sun was a hole in it through which the heavens shined down. A thousand years ago the Earth was flat and it was well known that anyone going to the edge could fall off.

To everyone of the time, these were simply facts, known to be true and without doubt. I am positive that there are things that we commonly know now that in another thousand years will be just like those other facts: so wrong that even school children will be awed that anyone would have even thought it.


The little head says that number two on the Tardis itinerary would be a trip to meet Caligula, cause he knew how to party.



Kepler 47 from

Kepler 47 from

What I said was:

It may sound trivial, but I want to see the rings of Saturn up close. Then I want to visit a planet that has 2 suns and watch the sun rise.

~ The Queen

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