Dead Air

I remember way back in broadcasting that the worst thing that could happen was “dead air”, meaning you’re transmitting silence.  Yesterday however, Nick decided that they would have hours of planned dead air.  Apparently some idiot figured if kids watching TV on Saturday suddenly couldn’t find their cartoon they  would go outside and play instead of what they really did… change the fricken channel.

The thing that annoys me about this is that I don’t need help, especially from TV networks, rearing my child.  He’s thin, energetic, reads, writes and understands math far beyond his grade level.  If he is watching TV it is because I’m allowing it, just like when he’s playing tag on the playground.

There was upside to this, the alternative to Nick was something called Moment of Impact.  The kid watched the world record hockey fight and came up with a new sport.  “Daddy! Someone should make a game called Ice Wrestling!”  I told him that’s what I thought hockey was.


Great timing for Nick on this “go out and play day”, from the weather radar it looked pretty much like it was raining on the entire eastern half of the US.  That is the Thunder Beings smiting you, let’s hope the advertisers follow suit.