Are You Smarter Than A Politician?

billmaherCan’t Access The Quiz?

I’ve been playing Bill Maher’s weekly trivia “Are You Smarter Than A Politician” on Facebook. Sometime in October or November it stopped working. Which was highly annoying as I was on top of the leader-board!

When you accessed the app, the bottom of the frame to load the “Breaking News” would simply spin and never load. Consequently, the script would never complete loading to the point where you could click on the links and take the quiz.

It was frustrating. After searching for a solution I finally found a link to the quiz outside of Facebook that does work.

If you’ve been in the same boat, try this link to complete the quiz for the remainder of the year. (You must first be logged into your account on Facebook for this to work properly.)

Bill Maher’s Are You Smarter Than A Politician Trivia


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Women’s Health Issues or the Dark Age of Women’s Rights?

All the recent uproar over contraception for women only adds more fuel to a fire that has been slowly burning for decades between the powerful masculine elite in government and constant fight women have been facing for centuries. Politicians are great at pointing fingers toward the middle east and demanding they treat women with more respect, recognize their rights as human citizens of their country and protect them from abusive husbands or male family members. But then in the same breath, they turn around and try to force women here in the ‘land of the free’ into the same servitude and degradation they’re yelling at the middle east for.

All of this arguing and negative discourse is culminating on the shoulders of Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who was denied the opportunity to testify before congress.

What gets me about this whole thing is that it’s obvious some commentators didn’t listen to her comments. Because she’s talking about birth control for her friend, who was taking it not for ‘birth control’ but for Treatment of endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome. Her friend couldn’t afford the medication (that is what this is, medication, prescribed by a doctor) to help this young woman avoid a disease that can cause the destruction of her ovaries. She couldn’t afford it, stopped taking it and within 6 to 10 months she was forced to undergo surgery to have her ovaries removed. She was faced with doing something simple to prevent disease or face a more serious illness. And because of politicians who say on one had the government has no business interfering with your freedoms then turn around and interfere with the most important freedom any human deserves to have, the right to live a healthy life.

There are many reasons someone would take birth control. Continue reading

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The Birthers New Conspiracy — Give it a rest already didn’t take long for a conspiracy theory to emerge about Pres. Obama’s long form birth certificate. I received a spam email today that proclaimed the birth certificate is a forgery and all you have to do is open the document in Adobe Illustrator and look at the layers to see it’s a fraud. Stating further that no pdf document would do this.  — Of course that’s not true, many pdf image documents do that. I can do it with a pdf scan I have of an imaged document.

It’s just amazing to me how far bigots will go attack people. So many people keep calling the long form the official document and that just irks me to no end as well. It’s not the official document and hasn’t been for several years. Hawaii produces a digital version of birth certificates and those, and only those are the official legal documents of the state. Give it a rest already Birthers. You’ve lost your argument and your continual conspiracy rants do nothing but show you as the bigots you are. You 5 minutes are up. Get off the stage now.

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Real Foreign Policy

As I sit here a long way from home and the communication equipment between me and my family fails, threatening to take my sanity with it, I’ve been getting a small taste of what it is like for our military.  I’m not anywhere like Afghanistan and no one is shooting at me (though there are probably some who want to hit me) and I can still talk to my wife and kid most any time of the day.  But I wonder how those other families manage.  If you know one of them and you can, take some time to help them.  It is harder than most can imagine.  It’s still harder than I can imagine.

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Making Home Affordable – Applying & Denied

Since 2007 the U.S. has been in a financial catastrophe. But for some reason, the only people who have gotten noticed are those laid off in 2008 when big business began to take a bigger hit. What happened to those thousands of people who were laid off in 2007, who’s companies closed and went out of business? Many of them have been left behind.

Long before Circuit City announced it was going into bankruptcy and closing it’s doors, it went through a major restructuring. That’s a fancy way of saying there were a series of layoffs. Early in 2007, in the summer of and later in the year soon before Christmas, over 3,000 people were laid off. Not just people in their stores, but also a large group of professionals in the companies main headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

The capital of Virginia has seen it’s share of hardships like many other capital cities. Once a magnate for business, the “great recession” hit the city hard and it’s major businesses began closing their doors. Some for greener pastures, some to save money and focus on other regions where they have holdings. It’s not unlike other places around the U.S. or the world for that matter.

Everyone knows that without companies to work for, the American workforce suffers. Some more drastic than others. People lived off their unemployment. But those who were laid off in the first half of 2007 found themselves left out of the unemployment extensions. Those people began living off their savings, if they were lucky enough to have one. Once that was gone, they started hitting their 401k and other retirement accounts. When that was gone, they began trying to sell anything and everything they had in order to keep their home.

In steps the Government and President Obama’s Make Home Affordable program. An effort to save American homes for people caught in the financial catastrophe. The problem with the program is there’s no oversight of how banks and mortgage companies are applying the guidelines. Consequently only about 12 to 14% of people who apply are finding the help they need. There’s no appeal process, no one to go to for a second opinion. If the bank says no, it’s no and that’s the end.

But is it?

Check out the governments Making Home Affordable website ( and you’ll find a large amount of information and online tools to help you through the process.

Starting with; Don’t wait until your mortgage is past due and delinquent. If you now you won’t be able to make your payments in a month or 2, or 4; contact your mortgage company and ask them for paperwork to apply for the Making Home Affordable program.

Check out the Asked & Answered page on the governments website ( You’ll find a large amount of information that will fit your situation and some that wont.

Once you complete the application and submit it to your mortgage company, place a call to the Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline at 1-888-995-HOPE. They will help you find a financial counselor that can provide assistance and support for your application.

If you filed an application and your bank has turned down your request for aid, your best recourse is the Homeowner’s HOPE™ Hotline and a financial counselor. These counselors are approved by the Government to provide help with the Making Home Affordable program. They know how it works, what the guidelines are and how they are supposed to be applied.

The Counselor will take your financial information, what money if any you have coming into your home, what your expenses are and what assets if any you have. They run it through their system and help you determine if you qualify for a mortgage modification. Even if the bank has turned you down already. The Counselor/Company will develop an assessment report and contact the mortgage company. Their report is very detailed and they can educate the bank on how the program is to be applied to your specific case. They become your advocate.

The bank still has the option of ignoring the recommendation. But with this information in hand, you can take the process to the next step if you’ve already been denied. Contact your senators and congressperson. Don’t assume they won’t listen. They are just as interested in helping you and ensuring this program works properly as you are. Send them an email or call them. Don’t send a letter through snail mail; it takes way to long. If you send an email, make sure you follow up with their office the following day.

Keep in mind this is your house, if it’s worth fighting for you have to make the effort to fight. Keep looking for a job. Keep after your representatives. Keep calling your bank and keep in touch with them about what they’re doing. There’s nothing worse than thinking you are doing the right things only to receive a letter in snail mail notifying you that your house is now in foreclosure and sale of the property has been scheduled.

It’s your home..fight for can do it.

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Health Care – Public Option

We can’t afford health care, let’s start with that. Not because we don’t want it, but because we simply can’t afford it after being laid off and not being able to find another job. That’s a whole other discussion.

We are forced to make a lot of sacrifices in the year I’ve been unemployed. We have struggled for some months, squeaked by on others, or been ok. But through all those months one thing we can’t afford is an addition bill for health insurance. There’s just not enough money left over after the mortgage and utilities are paid.

Now we hear from Congress that the current health plan reform will fine us for not having health care. Ok, did someone miss the part where we (like millions of others) can’t afford health care? We can’t afford an additional financial burden, but  you’re going to force us to pay a fine because we’re struggling? Um..where is the thinking there? Hello..Washington are you total idiots?

Now we hear that some congressional members are proposing a Public Option that allows States to ‘opt-out’. Ok, first of all why should the states have the right to opt-out when I don’t? Why should I be fined for something I can’t afford, but states get a bye if they decide they can’t afford it either?

HealthCare isn’t a “right”, it’s a moral obligation of the most profitable and successful country in the world to ensure affordable health care is available to ALL of it’s people.

That’s right – it’s a MORAL OBLIGATION!

Instead politicians spin the rhetoric to scare people into opposing reform for the simple reason that insurance, pharmaceutical and the medical industry in general doesn’t want to lose any of the profits they current rake in. Once more we see where the real loyalty lies with politicians; it’s to their corporate sponsors and lobbyists; NOT with the American People who they are supposed to be representing.

I say shame on you Washington. Shame on all you for claiming a higher moral standings while people are dying at your feet because they couldn’t afford to go to the doctors.

As usual Washington isn’t LISTENING to the American People!

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Consumer Spending

One of today’s big news stories is about Consumers not spending enough to help the economy. Hmm.

So it’s not enough that all our tax money bailed out wall street. It’s not enough that we lost our jobs, our houses, or 401k and retirement funds. It’s not enough that we’re struggling trying to squeak by on little to nothing (We don’t have credit cards, so don’t go there. We didn’t get ourselves in trouble in the first place).  It’s not enough that we don’t have the money to feed our children, buy their school supplies with little to no money in our pockets when the school systems should be supplying those items in the first place. It’s not enough that we don’t have the money to simply live.

Nope, on top of all that – we’re expected to go out shopping as if nothing has happened in our lives, and spend the money we don’t have from the job we lost last year or 2 years ago; just so the companies who stole from our pockets can thrive.’s what I think about that..
Fuck you.

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Changing The Credit Card Pedestal

The use of credit cards in the evaluation of credit ratings has to be reversed!

Currently having a credit card is placed at the top of the list in evaluating credit and credit ratings. This punishes all of us who are working to live within our means and being fiscally responsible with our budgets. My husband and left our 1st marriages with a mountain of debt from credit cards attained by our ex-spouses. We both worked very hard to pay off that debt and close all cards. Neither of us ever want another card again. And for being fiscally responsible, we are punished.

We have a mortgage, an equity line, and a loan on 2 Harley’s. We have never missed payments, never have we been late on payments. But when we applied for financing on the bikes, we were told that our credit rating was low and we could get the financing if we agreed to a higher ‘risk’ based interest rate. Why? Because I refuse to pay some bank a fee for the privilege of using my own money from future income? I choose to wait until I have the money in the future and then buy what I need or want.

For this I have to pay higher interest rates and am punished for being responsible. While other people who have 5 or 10 credit cards, which are maxed out, and can only pay the interest on those cards, live with financial gold stars and gain the highest ratings from credit companies. Perhaps it’s time to get back to the basics, if you don’t have the money to buy something, then learn to do without. Get rid of the credit cards, and live within your means.

Where would our economy be if people did that? Can you imagine? There might actually be a housing market right now that is stable, solid and thriving. Americans might actually have a savings account that can provide income for emergencies. People who bought a house, might actually have purchased one they were qualified to pay for.  Geez, rocket science.

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How Same-Sex Marriage Is Impacting Religious Freedom

The Fight For Recognition –

In the battle for Gay and Lesbian rights, conservative groups have opened a can of worms for the fight of religious freedom in America. Only I don’t think they know they’ve done that. Gay and Lesbian couples are fighting for the same legal privileges afforded opposite-sex unions to ensure hospital visitation or inheritance or other traditional union privileges.

The opposition has centered the fight around preserving the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Conservatives have taken a position that allowing same sex marriage threatens traditional marriage, and will somehow limit their rights. Only there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. But in this claim, these ultra conservatives bring up Biblical doctrine, opening the door for arguments of religious freedom.

There are many religious organizations who do honor and acknowledge the love and commitment between same sex couples. Clergy within these organizations will gladly perform their religious rights of marriage for these unions just as they would for opposite sex couples. Once the religious ceremony has ended, both the Clergy and the newly married couple are then told, that their spiritual and religious freedoms are not legally recognized by the state they are located in. The government agency, nor the conservative opposition take these religious freedoms into consideration. Or perhaps they do and it only adds fuel to their fire to burn away the rights of others who do not believe and practice as they do.

This is something that hits close to home with me. My first Handfasting ceremony was performed for a lesbian couple who are dear friends of mine. However, even though I am licensed in the Commonwealth of Virginia to perform legal marriage ceremonies, this one could not be legally recognized. The lack of legal recognition does not make the rite any less blessed or valid in the eyes of our pagan community. But it does impact our rights of religious freedom and that in turn complicates the argument of same sex marriage specifically.

Had I performed this rite with an opposite sex couple, I could have submitted the necessary paperwork to the county and the couple would have received a legal marriage license. But this isn’t a case of who’s paperwork is accepted. Proponents would say our legal rights are recognized because the opposite sex couple would receive the legal document binding their union. But providing legal rights to only half of a persons spiritual practice is still a limitation on that persons right to Freedom of Religion. My religion and specifically my tradition/denomination recognizes the union of same sex couples to marry. This is a spiritual belief and a religious rite that deserves the same recognition as it’s opposite sex rite does.

The U.S. Constitution states:
Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The pesky part of this amendment lies in “the free exercise thereof”. By their very efforts to stand on a position of morality, they have effectively turned this argument from a social practice to a religious one. By setting laws that refuse to recognize a practice of belief and religious rite of marriage between same sex couples, many state governments are breaking the U.S. Constitution and prohibiting the 1st Amendment rights of religious peoples to exercise those beliefs they hold dear.

The government is saying you can legally practice this part of your beliefs, but this part…well we’re not going to recognize that exercise within your faith. Sorry, but no that’s not legal. The Constitution does not afford the government the right to pick and choose which religious practices it will acknowledge and which it won’t. By not allowing this practice which is similar to the practice of opposite sex marriage, they are prohibiting the free exercise of pagan religions and their practices. The argument becomes bigger than just same sex vs. opposite sex.

So what are the solutions? Either remove marriage from the governance of all states, or grant all people the legal rights to marry. Establish a “one size fits all” civil union, and let each religious organization sort out their own practices and morals.

Until this issue is put to rest, Pagan clergy will continue performing rites for all practioners in their community. We will continue the fight for the same legal rights afforded to other religions in the U.S. No longer will we be satisfied with a piece meal approach to validating or recognizing our rights to practice our beliefs, while others enjoy the full benefits of their religious beliefs and practices.

Opponents of same-sex marriage are on the loosing end of this battle, not only because their approach is based on bigotry and intolerance, but also because their grip on the morality of the nation is quickly slipping through their tightening fingers. Their attempts to enforce their will on a nation that fights around the world for freedom, has already begun to turn on their plans and efforts. They can try to scare people with their hate and rhetoric, they can shout at the top of their lungs at the changing times and attempt to instill their dominance over the land. One thing pagans realize and accept is that all things change, you cannot stop it and it’s often a bad idea to fight it.

One day this battle will be won and the social conservatives who are trying so hard to maintain control of the morality of others will find themselves left behind, both in society and within their own spiritual enlightenment. While the rest of the religious and spiritual communities enjoy kindness, compassion and tolerance with each other and within their communities.

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Overhauling Tax Policies

President Barack Obama vowed on Monday to overhaul tax policies that he said reward companies for shifting U.S. jobs overseas and allow wealthy people to evade taxes using offshore accounts.

All day today I heard nothing but how bad of an idea this is. How bad it is for companies. It’s amazing to me that Washington still doesn’t get it. Americans are tired of carried the burden of the nation on our backs. Especially after the failure of Wall street to police itself and maintain their own bottom lines at a secure level. Americans are tired of bailing out companies and big corporations. So cry me a river over closing loop holes and enforcing tax laws that are already on the books. When everyone who lost their job, lost their home, and lost their retirement funds are financially secure again, I’ll care about big business. Until then the corporations and rich can shut up and pony up to the table that the rest of us have been holding up on our shoulders.

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