Bill Maher Features Danica!

New Rule for Saudi Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan

New Rule for Saudi Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan

New Rules 11/1 /2013!

At the end of “Real Time with Bill Maher” fans always look forward to his New Rules feature. They’re not only entertaining and funny, but they often inform and call people on the carpet for being politically stupid.

As was the case in this weeks Episode #299. But the New Rule that caught my attention in the segment featured Stewart-Haas Racing‘s Danica Patrick!

In September Saudi Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan warned women that driving could affect their ovaries and pelvises. Read more: Sheikh’s warning.

At the end of October, women in Saudi Arabia staged a protest to bring attention to law that prohibits them from driving. Read more: BBC News: Saudi Ban on women drivers.

Bill’s New Rule:
The Saudi Sheikh who said women shouldn’t drive because it affects their ovaries, needs to ride a few hundred laps with Danica Patrick, and then tell us how it affects his testicles.

Amen Bill! Go get’em Danica!

Danica Patrick's #10 Breast Cancer Awareness/Go Daddy Car for 2013

Danica Patrick’s #10 Breast Cancer Awareness/Go Daddy Car for 2013

And Hail to the Saudi Women for risking arrest and probably worse, for having the guts to stand up against their government who has always seen them as “property” and not people with rights. Many of the women who defied the driving ban fear repercussions. Read more: CNN: Saudi Women Fear Repercussions.

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