Another Design Guy Sighting

Been a while since I posted any Design Guy sightings. This, if you don’t know, is the guy who made it so that when you set the temperature on your oven, you also have to press “Start”. Yes I’m talking about the Most Evilest Man in the World.

Lately the Queen’s laptop does something that can only be the work of the Design Guy. When she plugs in the power cord she gets a message that says, “Plugged in, not charging.” Think about that a minute and explain why that’s even an option? And it’s not a hardware problem, from the looks of things (with a little magic on her part), she can actually get it charging.

Every time someone does a little Voodoo Dance to get the computer to work, one of the Design Guy’s minions gets his horn. Then it stops charging again.


This reminds me also of the message on the TV a while back, “You seem to be experiencing difficulty with your cable. If this persists, you should call your cable provider.”

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