Consumer Spending

One of today’s big news stories is about Consumers not spending enough to help the economy. Hmm.

So it’s not enough that all our tax money bailed out wall street. It’s not enough that we lost our jobs, our houses, or 401k and retirement funds. It’s not enough that we’re struggling trying to squeak by on little to nothing (We don’t have credit cards, so don’t go there. We didn’t get ourselves in trouble in the first place).  It’s not enough that we don’t have the money to feed our children, buy their school supplies with little to no money in our pockets when the school systems should be supplying those items in the first place. It’s not enough that we don’t have the money to simply live.

Nope, on top of all that – we’re expected to go out shopping as if nothing has happened in our lives, and spend the money we don’t have from the job we lost last year or 2 years ago; just so the companies who stole from our pockets can thrive.’s what I think about that..
Fuck you.