The End is Near..Ok..

We are watching the movie “2012”..don’t ask me why. There is a scene where the Pope and his Bishops are on their knees in the Vatican praying as the world is coming to an end. Now I won’t go into the movie implying this gathering is inside Vatican City in Saint Peter’s Basilica and under the dome; with no sign of the altar with Bernini’s baldacchino (the black columned altar); and I won’t point out that these men of faith look up to see Michelangelo’s painting of God touching Adam’s finger which is actually in a totally different building know as the Sistine Chapel….But I digress. 


The dome above the Pontiff & his Bishop’s starts to crack, right between the fingers of God and Adam.
As the ceiling begins to fall, our little Prince says:
“Well I guess they can stop praying now”.