2012 Week 7 Results – Week 8 Picks

Spring and The Prince Check The Scores

Well last week wasn’t as bad as the week in the Twilight Zone. I improved my average thankfully. A quick review, I’m ecstatic that my Titans won over Buffalo. I didn’t pick them, but I don’t mind loosing that pick! I’m glad that New Orleans look like they woke up and decided “Hey we’re in the regular season now”. And they must have called Green Bay and told them to hurry up and catch the plane to St. Louis. I honestly didn’t think they’d show up. But I’m glad they did, even though we lost that pick too.

All in all, it looks like a lot of teams that should have been winning this year have decided it’s time to wake up and get to work. Maybe the week in the Twilight Zone scared enough of them that they stopped thinking they’re too good to show up against “lesser” teams and decided they actually have to play against these hungry guys and do what they’re paid to do.

So here’s the results from last week. Even though he was picking from gut feeling last week, the kid didn’t do so bad for someone who doesn’t watch football.

Week 7
THU, OCT 18 Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
Seattle at San Francisco San Francisco W Seattle L 6 – 13
Tennessee at Buffalo Buffalo L Tennessee W 35 – 34
Cleveland at Indianapolis Indianapolis W Indianapolis W 13 – 17
Washington at NY Giants NY Giants W NY Giants W 23 – 27
New Orleans at Tampa Bay New Orleans W Tampa Bay L 35 – 28
Dallas at Carolina Carolina L Carolina L 19 – 14
Baltimore at Houston Houston W Houston W 13 – 43
Green Bay at St. Louis St. Louis L St. Louis L 30 – 20
Arizona at Minnesota Arizona L Arizona L 14 – 21
NY Jets at New England New England  W NY Jets L 26 – 29 OT
Jacksonville at Oakland Oakland W Jacksonville L 23 – 26 OT
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati Cincinnati L Cincinnati L 24 – 17
Detroit at Chicago Chicago W Chicago W 7 – 13

Results: W = 8 / L = 5   of 13
Season: W = 40 / L = 32  of 72
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Results: W = 5 / L = 8   of 13
Season: W = 35 / L = 37   of 72
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)


The Picks for Week 8
These Thursday night games are screwing up our picking schedule. The Prince and Evil finally got homework done for the night and we quickly rushed through this weeks picks before the Vikings and Bucks start playing.

The Prince surprised me tonight when I asked him if he was going to make his picks. He asked to see the standings of the teams. My goodness. He still threw his old method of which animal is bigger into his decision, but he also weighed that against who’s playing at home and what their current standing is. So we’ll see how he does this week. Every time I think he is making a questionable pick, he ends up winning and I lose.

The only game that might be a toss up this week is Indianapolis and Tennessee. I know Indy should win, but I think Tennessee’s win last week gives them momentum, at home, to pull this one out. Crossing my fingers. Atlanta and Philly would be my other questionable pick. Again I know Atlanta should win easily, but the Eagles at home have the advantage. And the Prince isn’t going to pick against his favorite team so go Eagles.

The game I’m looking forward to is the Giants v Dallas. I love seeing Dallas lose! And I think that will happen in spades this week. I’m pulling hard for New Orleans this week, I really like Drew Brees and I think he deserves to be on a winning team. And finally I wish I could be like the kid and not pick against my Redskins. But for as good as our new QB is, we need the rest of the team to show up and play too.

So here’s our picks for the week.

Week 8
THU, OCT 25 Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
Tampa Bay at Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
Carolina at Chicago Chicago Chicago
San Diego at Cleveland San Diego San Diego
Seattle at Detroit Seattle Seattle
Jacksonville at Green Bay Green Bay Jacksonville
Indianapolis at Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
New England at St. Louis St. Louis New England
Miami at NY Jets NY Jets Miami
Atlanta at Philadelphia Atlanta Philadelphia
Washington at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Oakland at Kansas City Oakland Kansas City
NY Giants at Dallas NY Giants NY Giants
New Orleans at Denver New Orleans Denver
San Francisco at Arizona San Francisco San Francisco

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