2012 SuperBowl!

Superbowl TrophySpring & The Prince Make Their Superbowl Picks!

We have several favorite teams in this house. My life long favorite team is the Redskins. Evil stands behind his Carolina Panthers. And the Prince has some how fallen in love with the Eagles.

But we have other favorites as well. The New Orleans Saints, who can’t love the underdog! Especially the underdog who made it big at a time when their city needed it the most. The Tennessee Titans. I was born in east Tennessee and I went to college there as well. So of course I’d support my “home” team. And then there’s….the Baltimore Ravens.

That makes this years Superbowl pick easy for me. I grew up outside of Washington DC and of course in our house the Skins reigned supreme. That also gives me a little bragging rights in the house since my team is the only one of our top three who made it into the playoffs.

But right up the road from my childhood home are our neighbors in Baltimore. They’ve always been someone we cheered for in our house. I’m excited they’ve made it to the big show! So there’s no statistical reason behind my pick. I’m simply going with passion and desire.

So here are our picks for the Superbowl! Go Ravens!

Superbowl Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
Super Bowl XLVII
Sun Feb 3th
6:30pm CBS
Baltimore at San Francisco  Baltimore  San Francisco

AFC and NFC Conference Championships

Now we need to finish off the season with last weeks picks and our final results too. Here’s how we did for the AFC and NFC Championship games.

Post Season Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
AFC and NFC Conference Championships – Sun Jan 22
Sun Jan 20
San Francisco at Atlanta San Francisco W Atlanta L 28-04
Sun Jan 20
Baltimore at New England New England L New England L 28 – 13
Totals: Wins – 1       Losses – 1     of 2
Season: W = 149 / L =  84 / T = 1 of 234
(Didn’t Make Picks 1st 2 weeks: 32 games = 266)
The Prince
Totals: Wins – 0       Losses – 2     of 2
Season: W = 107 / L = 124 / T = 1  of 234
(Didn’t Make Picks 1st 2 weeks: 32 games = 266)

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