2012 NFL Week 17 Picks

Spring and The Prince Make Their Picks

How time flies! It’s already the last week of the regular season and my Redskins appear to be going to the playoffs. Wow! Woohoo and all that.

In between the cooking, family dinner, opening presents and Santa coming to visit I made my picks. It has taken the Prince a bit longer to decide who he wants to win in the final weekend. As usual he has made some interesting picks.

Our toss-up game is Houston at Indianapolis. I’m giving the edge to the Colts because they’re playing at home. So I hope they use that to their benefit and win. The Prince is going with the stats and thinks the Texans will pull off the win.

The next big game in our house will be my Saints and Evil’s Panthers. They’re playing in New Orleans and even though Carolina has played some hard-fought games this year, I’m sure they’ll be able to sustain it in Louisiana. Then there’s the Prince’s favorite team the Eagle up against the NY Giants. I don’t think the Eagles have the talent to pull off a win. Especially since the Giants know this is a must win game for them.

And lastly, there’s the despised Cowboys who are coming to Washington. Of course I’m picking my most favorite team to win, at home and while they are on fire. I don’t think Dallas has it together after their loss last week and knowing they are coming into the home of their biggest rival. The Skins are simply playing at a peak performance and the whole area is pumped for a win.

So here are our final picks for the regular season.

Week 17
SUN, DEC 30 Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
Tampa Bay at Atlanta Atlanta Tampa Bay
NY Jets at Buffalo Buffalo NY Jets
Baltimore at Cincinnati Baltimore Baltimore
Chicago at Detroit Chicago Detroit
Jacksonville at Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
Houston at Indianapolis Indianapolis Houston
Carolina at New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans
Philadelphia at NY Giants NY Giants Philadelphia
Cleveland at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Oakland at San Diego San Diego Oakland
Miami at New England New England New England
Arizona at San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco
St. Louis at Seattle Seattle Seattle
Kansas City at Denver Denver Kansas City
Green Bay at Minnesota Green Bay Minnesota
Dallas at Washington Washington Washington

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