2012 NFL Week 14 / 15

Spring and The Prince Make Their Picks

Well last week seems to have been a wash out. There were some upsets and some surprises. The Prince and I finished the week in a tie, both of us winning 50% of the games. Not great, but hey we broke even.

Dallas took the week on raw emotion. I have to say as much as I don’t like Dallas, I’m glad they won that game. Very sad situation for them. Wish I could say that for Kansas City. Our sympathies to the family and friends of both teams.

My favorite Nascar Driver Tony Stewart’s team the Indianapolis Colts pulled off a win! And woohoo for my Redskins in OT! On the other hand, what in the world has happened to Atlanta? There’s no way they should have lost that game! But we can’t be too upset about that since Evil was born and raised in Charlotte. His team won so that makes three woohoos!

I’m also disappointed in Houston. Did they forget to show up for the game? I know it’s “New England”and all, but the Texans have shown their a better team than what showed up against the patriots.

Week 14 Results
With that said, here’s our results for last week.

Week 14
THU, DEC 6 Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
Denver at Oakland Denver W Oakland L 26 – 13
St. Louis at Buffalo Buffalo L St. Louis W 15 – 12
Dallas at Cincinnati Cincinnati L Cincinnati L 20 – 19
Kansas City at Cleveland Cleveland W Kansas City L 7 – 30
Tennessee at Indianapolis Indianapolis W Tennessee L 23 – 27
Chicago at Minnesota Chicago L Minnesota W 14 – 21
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Tampa Bay L Philadelphia W 23 – 21
Baltimore at Washington Washington W Washington W 28 – 31 OT
Atlanta at Carolina Atlanta L Atlanta L 20 – 30
NY Jets at Jacksonville NY Jets W NY Jets W 17 – 10
San Diego at Pittsburgh Pittsburgh L Pittsburgh L 34 – 21
Miami at San Francisco San Francisco W Miami L 13 – 27
Arizona at Seattle Seattle W Seattle W 0 – 58
New Orleans at NY Giants New Orleans L NY Giants W 27 – 52
Detroit at Green Bay Green Bay W Detroit L 20 – 27
Houston at New England Houston L New England W 14 – 42

Results: W = 8 / L = 8    of 16
Season: W = 108 / L = 67 / T = 1  of 176
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Results: W = 8 / L = 8    of 16
Season: W = 79 / L = 96 / T = 1   of 176
{Didn’t make picks in Wks 1 &2 – Total: 32 Games)

Week 15 Picks
On to this week. As much as I’d like to pick the Prince’s favorite team, I don’t think the Eagles will be able to pull out a win tonight. And even though their numbers are on the side of Atlanta, it appears they’re self destructing. Where as the Giants will face a must win. So I think they have the edge. Green Bay and Chicago is a tough pick, but we’re both going with the Bears. I guess we have a shared feeling.

You can’t go against the Skins. RG3 has lit a fire that I’m not so sure is going to be easily put out! I’d like to pick Smoke’s team over the Texans. But I think Houston has something to prove this week, at home…so I’m taking the Texans to win over the Colts. Then there’s Dallas and Pittsburgh. It pains me to pick the Cowboys. But evidently the Steelers can’t play without Roethlisberger.

Our final discussion comes for Monday night. Yes I know the Jets should win the night over the Titans. But I have a feeling about Tennessee. Their recent games haven’t been bad efforts. So we’re both going with my Titans for the win.

Spring’s Picks

Prince’s Picks
Cincinnati at Philadelphia Cincinnati Philadelphia
NY Giants at Atlanta NY Giants NY Giants
Green Bay at Chicago Chicago Chicago
Washington at Cleveland Washington Washington
Minnesota at St. Louis Minnesota Minnesota
Jacksonville at Miami Miami Jacksonville
Denver at Baltimore Baltimore Denver
Indianapolis at Houston Houston Houston
Tampa Bay at New Orleans New Orleans Tampa Bay
Detroit at Arizona Arizona Detroit
Carolina at San Diego San Diego Carolina
Seattle at Buffalo Seattle Buffalo
Pittsburgh at Dallas Dallas Pittsburgh
Kansas City at Oakland Oakland Oakland
San Francisco at New England New England New England
NY Jets at Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee

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