2011 NFL Superbowl Bound!

And then there were two.

Some will say that New England has the advantage. They’ve been here before. They’ve won before. But I don’t think you can say experience is totally on their side. The Giants have been here before too. And they’ve won before. The Giants won the 2008 Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLII), 17-14 over the Patriots. So I don’t think the advantage is on the side of Tom Brady and the Patriots. And as it so happens, neither does our little prince. We’ve made our picks for Superbowl Sunday. Who are you pulling for? 

Super Bowl XLVI
Sun Feb 5th –
6:30pm NBC Spring’s Picks Prince’s Picks
NYG v NE NY Giants NY Giants

2011 NFL Conference – Results

Two great games, hard fought, passions erupting, but in the end there were only 2. I must admit that even though I picked NE to win, I was pulling for Baltimore. My heart seriously fell hard when Baltimore’s Billy Cundiff missed a 32-yard field-goal attempt with 11 seconds remaining. I feel so sorry for him. He will be the one blamed for losing the game, when in reality, it was the whole team who put themselves in that situation to begin with. So I made the right pick, but I’m almost sorry I won.

On the side of the country, I counted on the NY Giants to muscle and bully their way to a win. And sure enough that’s what they did. I don’t think San Francisco lost. They played hard and with a lot of heart. They didn’t give that game away, the Giants earned it.

AFC and NFC Conference Championships – Sun Jan 22
Sat Jan 14
  Spring’s Picks Results Prince’s Picks Results Game Results
BAL @ NE  New England W Baltimore L 20 – 23
Sun Jan 15
NYG @ SF NY Giants W NY Giants W 20 17 OT
Totals: Wins – 2     Losses – 0   of 2
Season: W = 173 / L = 93  of 266
The Prince
Totals: Wins – 1    Losses – 1   of 2
Season: W = 138 / L = 128  of 266