2011 NFL Division Weekend – Results

Holy cow, what happened last weekend? People who are smarter than we are thought New Orleans and Green Bay should win their games easily. So why didn’t they? Did they forget to show up? Did they think they were that much better than their opponents that their respective games would be easy? Or did their opponents simply want the win more than they did? I think that’s the case in San Francisco. The 49’ers played with a deep emotion and desire to win that the Saints didn’t seem to have. Maybe that’s the price of having to play the previous week. San Francisco was not only well rested, the were well motivated.

But what’s the excuse for Green Bay? Surely they should have won against the NY Giants. I think they wanted it just as much. But I also think that the Giants stepped up to the plate toward the end of the year as their defense came together in a big way. Could be as they were improving, the Packers were getting tired and banged up trying to keep their winning streak going. Certainly they weren’t the same team after their 1st and only loss to Kansas City. Maybe it was mental, maybe it was physical, or maybe they just pushed to hard at the end of the season and burned out in the long run.

Either way, the Prince and I finished the week out 2 for 4. 50% at least. But we’re disappointed in those 2 losses.

Divisional Playoffs
Sat Jan 14
NO @ SF  New Orleans L New Orleans L 32 – 36
DEN @ NE New England W New England W 10 – 45
Sun Jan 15
HOU @ BAL Baltimore W Baltimore W 13 – 20
NYG @ GB Green Bay L Green Bay L 37 – 20
Totals: Wins – 2     Losses – 2 of 4
Season: W = 171 / L = 93  of 264
The Prince
Totals: Wins – 2     Losses – 2 of 4
Season: W = 137 / L = 127  of 264